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Shalini is my guiding angel…..her knowledge for food is outstanding…..She always gives me what i love to eat….she has never stopped sweets or never tells stop rice…..and the best thing after eating everything i have lost my fat gained good muscle and have also lost weight…..Thank u my dear Angel

Vanita Patel

My life has completely changed ! Being an athlete I was always aware of what I was eating. But when I started with shalini , I realised I was definitely not fueling my body with the proper foods or enough calories. Shalini taught me that by eating healthy and clean foods, I can eat to fuel my performance rather than worry about calorie counting. Also her guidance helped me with my injuries too where I didn’t have to take pain killers . Thank you so much for everything Shalini! You are the best!”

Karan Maheshwari

After many years of neglecting my health and having poor eating habits I found myself to be unhealthy and scared of what my future wellness would be. Shalini mam has been so incredibly helpful and in just a few months has turned my lifestyle around. She is so resourceful and helpful when it comes to the nutrition and what my specific needs are. The best part is that she is so supportive and understanding and because of those qualities I fully trust in her. Her understanding of exercise and what suits your type is simply amazing . I mean I have never met anyone with this sound background of what kind of workouts one should do .
This has worked great deal with me and I now feel super energised after my workouts and have started participating in local events of fitness .
Thank you very much mam for changing my life .

Rahul Sapre , Nagpur

Since i started with Shalini couple of years back who guided me with my eating , routine and discipline, I feel far more energised , a lot confident and I sleep very sound .I have had psoriasis since I was 9 years old. It was itchy, flakey, red and noticeable. I first got it on my scalp which led to hair loss. Then after a few years, the psoriasis was on my arms and thighs I was self conscious and I could not wear a lot of clothes. I went through lot of medications and drugs but the psoriasis would always come back.I put on lot of weight and was on depression pills.
Her combination of herbs and food really helped me .I started seeing the change in my skin and also in my mood .I am very happy with the results and I know i am going to work with her for a long time since there is more that i want to achieve with my health . I urge everyone to keep an open mind and allow the body to heal on its own as Shalini always tells me , the body is capable of healing itself provided we give the right ingredients .
Stay blessed Shalini and continue to do the good work

Lalitha Sinha , Dubai

Shalini has been outstanding for her supportive guidance. It is too easy – I could eat anything I want as long as I am responsible.. I had to unlearn and learn it back from her . It took me a while to get her ideas since for the last many years I have been listening to other dietician about what not to eat , until I realized that ultimately it was up to me to get healthy – with her expert guidance. Thanks to Shalini I now focus on enjoying tasty healthy food, committing to exercise, and not focusing on the scale. Her sessions proves perfectly how insightful she is. And the results? Never felt better, eat much more interesting and tasty food ( my favourite rice and dal and curd rice ) and people tell me it looks like I have lost weight. Feels like it but I’m not checking. Don’t need to. Just loving this healthy feeling.

Meghana Rathod, Sydney

Shalini’s knowledge and deep understanding of nutrition and good health in terms of mind, body and emotions makes her a rarity in the field of nutrition. These qualities, combined with her innate strength, clarity and compassion make her and Adiswasthya the best support system one can have in one’s journey to (and maintaining) good health.
Shalini is a grounding force in what is an increasingly chaotic world. Her sage advice takes you from ill health (ranging from minor aches and pains to serious disease) to stronger health and immunity through simple changes applied consistently.
Personally, Shalini has helped me achieve good health and is a constant support in maintaining and fine tuning my health and fitness, as well as that of my family.

Sangeeta Akkaraju Chandrasekhar

“Shalini  is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but also kind and caring. She is able to make my routine and discipline absolutely doable  and she gives practical tips that working women  can easily apply to better their health!I lost more than 20 kgs and continue to lose by getting motivated by her .  I would highly recommend her!”

Pooja Agarwal, Hyderabad

“In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by fad diets, miracle cures  and mixed message about health and weight loss, Shalini has managed to help me wade through the clutter and get my life back on track. She is honest, frank and open and I appreciate that more than anything.
I first sought her help 3 years back  to establish a goal weight and healthy diet and lifestyle. I was fed up taking more than 20 pills a day for various health issues
With her expert guidance, advice and ecouragement I have acheived my goal weight after 10 months of being on the programme she personalised  for me. My thyroid, diabetic  pill is now reduced to minimum . I have completely stopped acidity , insomnia , antidepressants , cholesterol and pain killers pills .(i am so so happy sharing this 🙂 )
I found her consultations relaxed, professional and consistently helpful. She  is a fantastic dietician and what I have learnt from her I will certainly keep with me for the rest of my life. If I were ever to fall off the health track again I would also gladly return to get some more expert advice.
I have recommended her to a few people already and will continue to do so because I know they will have the same success as I have.


Rita Shah, Atlanta Usa

It had been a wonderful experience with Shalini in the last few months 😊With her its not just about following a diet ..but a complete change in lifestyle.
Its overwhelming to think about the knowledge that I have gained from her in terms of understanding how to live a healthy and happy life 😊
Monitoring my food intake and the making healthy choices in terms of what I eat and what time I eat , drinking more water, getting quality sleep at nights and not missing out on my workouts and over all this makes me feel good and wants me to look forward to another day of being happier and healthier 😊

Seema Gurbani, Muscat

When I met Shalini , I had been struggling with chronic digestive issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, and back pain, fluctuating sugar levels & high Bp for years. I had seen many Doctors and dietician in the past five years with little sustained improvement in my health.My dependence on drugs only went high and my health condition was slowly deteriorating .
After coming to Shalini for the past few months, I have seen a huge improvement in symptoms. I still have flare ups but I’m no longer plagued by chronic pain and fatigue. Additionally, my blood work is slowly improving for the first time in years, and I know that with her continued help, I’ll eventually be back on track.

Karan Punjabi, Gurgoan

“I am an ex-collegiate athlete and current busy professional who had over 18 kgs to lose due to a hectic schedule and work travel. I tried working out in the past but was never able to make any sustainable changes. Then I met Shalini .
Shalini is the perfect mix of expertise and passion. She has the specific technical knowledge to get results and the passion to motivate you to achieve your goal. As an athlete, I was familiar with workouts and nutrition, I thought. Shalini went far beyond that and customized specific nutritional goals and was dedicated to my success by following up with enthusiastic support. I have refer her to my family and friends that were impressed not only with my weight loss, but also with the change in my body composition. I am in better shape and healthier than I was in college. Thanks Shalini .”

Bharat Daswani,Illinois , USA

Shalini has helped me completely overcome my digestive issues. She is so helpful and always goes that little bit further. It’s so refreshing to work with someone who really understands your problems and can help you solve them. She has helped me get into routine and discipline so easily that I didn’t even reaiise how easy it was . I feel more energetic , more positive and more healthy. I have never been this productive at work and I am so so happy . I strongly recommend Shalini to everyone as she will just easily change your perspective for good .

Amita Thakwani , Toulouse , France

Now I need a new wardrobe ! I got results. I lost 12% of fat ,. I still can’t quite believe it worked but it did, and I was never hungry. She explained me the difference between fat loss and weight loss on the scale . My diet has changed permanently now, I observe the 80/20 rule and I’d be confident enough to believe it’s not going back on.
My sugar levels from 400 went down to 94 in a record 4 months . I was struggling with it for the past 14 months but her support and guidance helped me immensley . Thank you Shalini , U R THE BEST :-):-)

Natasha Anwani, Port Elizabeth SA

Shalini I have a lot to thank you for!! I had PCOS and all the symptoms
that come with it, including issues with infertility when I first came to see you and
I had been through a year of fertility treatment making me only feel more
depressed and anxious .Last year I decided it was time to delve a bit deeper
into my overall health so I got myself into the program .I made the recommended dietary changes as well as maintaining my current fitness levels. And I’m delighted to report,
I’m pregnant and in finished my first trimester successfully !!
I think the hardest part for me was trying to be creative in the kitchen but you
gave me great ideas & recipes which definitely helped! Thanks again for all your
help…it has been a massive lifestyle change but I’ve definitely reaped the

Rashida Memon, Pune

I was going through chemotherapy for my Colon cancer and had become weak ,
lifeless and uninterested . Shalini was a ray of hope for me . I would look
forward to my sessions with her as she would motivate me , encourage me and
help me .Now I am healthy and in the process of gaining my weight and health back .
God bless you and continue to spread the cheer

Malini Thakkar, Chennai

Thanks to Shalini who has been motivating me for three years . The best part pf her diet plan is she consults you weekly and keeps in mind our likes and dislikes . She is more of a friend than a nutritionist . BEST WISHES AND PLEASE KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK

Seema Mulchandani, Mumbai

Prior to meeting Shalini  I would suffer with frequent headaches, sugar cravings, recurrent sinus infections and asthma attacks. As a result of following my nutritional programme I no longer suffer with headaches at all, have gained good control of my blood sugar levels, and have been almost totally free from sinus infections and asthma attacks. My overall sense of wellbeing has improved and I have also lost 9 kgs  in weight. I would recommend Shalini  to anyone who is looking to improve their health

Andy Patel , New Jersey , USA

With so many fad diets andconfusing messages out there, it is great to know someone like Shalini  .She  is extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to confide in. It is great to be able to talk to someone about your goals, and get a customized health and nutrition program that suits your lifestyle and makes those goals achievable!Shalini ‘s dedication to her clients comes through in every meeting .  She  takes your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, and your goals, and makes a program that works for you. She sets you up for success with her ongoing support, positivity, and commitment. With Shalini  on your side, all of your health and wellness goals are well within reach!

Priti Khanchandani , Sydney

Not only I have lost my excess weight, I have got my confidence & energy back. The secret of eating every two hourly has really helped. I would like to thank her for teaching me the Art of Losing Weight and managing diabetes with the well planned & easy to follow diets.

Gladys Dsouza , Goa

I am in touch with Shalini  for almost 3 years and can honestly say she is an amazing inspiration and coach for my family. I have 2 kids between the ages of 11and 15 and they each have different eating habits, likes/dislikes, and of course different needs.  Shalini  changed how we look at meals and food together as a family and has made our relationships with each other and with nutrition so much more positive. Not only as a Nutritionist, she is also a special person who makes everyone she works with feel special and good. Thanks for all your help & guidance. God Bless you !!

Archana Patel , Ahmedabad

I  was almost 40 kgs over weight & always thought something is going wrong with my food. I tried almost all the Diet programs, Detox, Protein, Fat Free, Sugar Free, food supplements etc, etc. but none of the things really helped me in loosing weight in the long run . Infact it made it worse for me coz I developed hormonal imbalances , Pcos and Hypertension .

At our first counseling, Shalini  asked about my current life style, food habits, likes/dislikes, medical history etc & recommended few blood tests. Based on my complete details & medical reports, she made some changes to my diet. I followed her instructions 100%, and to my complete amazement, I felt better within a week!! I couldn’t believe it- it was completely life changing. I continued my sessions with Shalini and continued to follow the plan she put together for me and my crazy life-style. Its been almost 6 months now, and it’s has been life changing. I look and feel amazing!!!

Shalini will teach you so many tips and tricks for eating healthy in any situation- work events, weddings, traveling, dinner parties etc. She will show you how to dissect restaurant menus, read ingredient labels, what to put in your grocery cart, and how to cook delicious healthy meals.

Shalini is the *BEST NUTRITIONIST* I ever came across. Her passion, talent and understanding towards nutrition is simply superb. I won’t hesitate to say that it will be the best money you ever spend. You feel empowered and know how to take care of your body. You will feel amazing. You will look amazing.

Geeta Bhambhani ,Mumbai

Shalini   is an awesome  nutritionist . She is very attentive and always gives positive feedback. I feel comfortable speaking with her about everything. She always makes sure I have  solutions to my problems . She has given me a lot of great recipe ideas so, I won’t feel bored with my meals and she had made some fantastic suggestions on how to overcome making bad decisions with my meal options. I am very grateful to Shalini for her honest guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated.

Diya Mahtani , Kenya

I thought I ate healthily and that my nutrition was on point. That was until I met Shalini  who completely transformed the way I thought about food, what and when I ate. This enabled me to eat healthy which made me  super energetic, bettter sleep & more stamina .  Thank you Shalini

Vijay Mehta , London

I must say that after  7 months of me being with Shalini   , my lifestyle has completely changed for the better! For the first time, I feel totally in control and have a whole new outlook on life. Before, I was constantly depressed; anxious and insomniac and  sugary foods such as chocolates ,  ice cream, coffee  was my comforter. Now, I am on a regimen of watching my food intake and constant exercise. I feel great! Thanks for helping me make permanent changes to my lifestyle

Amita Ahuja , Dubai

To date, I am please to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more. I truly believe  I would have not  learned everything I did about my culture and my food despite staying away from home and my country,  and feel so good about reaching my goals and getting a proper understanding about  food and logic . Without Shalini  and her program  this would not have been possible .She  is the utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients/patients . I am thrilled to be able to say that I worked  with her.

Mehak Anand , California USA

I have found Shalini  to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I consult her on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me , my kids and  the rest of family . I trust her advice. Thanks to her , she has made me realize the importance of feeding children healthy food, and I have  made the necessary changes at our home . I can only recommend Shalini!

Ritika Jain, Indore

I have been working with Shalini for about 2 and half years now. Slowly and steadily we worked towards better lifestyle by choosing right. Her strategy is not to dictate a mealplan, she works on your everyday routine with the hope to improve your  quality of life and overall well being. All the little steps help you not only with weight loss but also teach you importance of consistency. Weight loss is merely counting calories but also creation of happier you and today that is ME.

Kanchan rohira, New Delhi

I have had Shalini as my dietician and consultant for almost a year now and I want to say that she is simply excellent in this field. She is very knowledgeable and she believes in imparting that knowledge to her clients which inturn has helped me a lot as I am following the diet more rigorously. Shalini is also very hardworking and has catered to my dietary requirements really well. I want to build my body and I am a vegetarian and I have skin problems so there is some stuff that I have to avoid but Shalini has given me a very good diet which addresses all the above. She has cleared the myth for me that people beed to have non-veg to get that amount of protein for body-building. Me situated in Hyderabad and Shalini situated in Bombay too has not been a problem ever. Overall, I am really happy with Shalini as my dietician and consultant and I would really recommend her to everyone and anyone that I meet.

Aman Lalwani, Hyderabad
My enrolling with Shalini has been the wisest decision. Being on her programme has taught me sensible eating. My cravings have gone and my energy levels today at 54 are higher than when I was 40. For past 8 to 10 years had never slept before 2am ; but now I sleep by 11 pm.Her guidance, support and perseverance has bought about a U- turn in my life.
Renu Behl ,Mumbai
I started the program at a time when I was not in a good state physically and mentally. I was not getting enough sleep. I would wake up angry and used to feel like snapping at everyone. All this started showing on my skin. I was having red pimples all over my face. After starting the program within a week the redness of my skin disappeared. And slowly over the course of 3 months my skin cleared too. I started sleeping well. The diet was easy to follow and it helped me not only with a clearer skin and loads of energy each day but also helped me lose the extra weight, which was a bonus. My cravings reduced. The best part was that I got introduced to many traditional food which was part of our grandparents diet but fell off the menu over the last two generations.
Tamalee Sen Patkar , Hyderabad

We have been consulting Ms Singh over the last year and can vouch for her sensitive handling and visible results in our weight loss goal.

Ashish Talreja, Dubai