Shalini Singh : Life coach for clinical and nutritional wellness

Shalini is a Clinical Health Coach  empowering people discover small daily changes that can lead to optimal health, leading to physical & emotional well being.

Empowering our clients achieve the full potential of human life by guarding health, balance life forces of mind and body to rightness of thought and actions.

Specialization: “Drive health before healing”

An ongoing quest to promote a healthy state with judicious intake of whole foods and real ingredients. In addition to a clinical approach to nutrition, we build a practical bridge, that you succeed in your health goals and yet maintain your favorite foods list (of course, we will tell you the right quantity) without painful changes in your dietary routine.

We want you to live a life of health, happiness, and balance, and we are committed to helping you acheive that.

Weight Management

Chronic Conditions

Bariatric Nutrition

Cancer Care

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